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Women and Forex: Why Women May Take The Lead In Forex Trading

Women and Forex

The plain truth, according to feedback obtained by one leading Internet Forex trainer, is that over the past couple of years, women seem to be better at making money from home from Forex than most men.


"They certainly seem to learn more easily, develop more quickly and enjoy the process more than their male counterparts," says Sid Wyemann, CEO of Forex For Beginners.


More and more ladies are taking work-from-home training courses with startlingly good results. It seems that the female psyche is more suited to the patience and discipline needed to benefit from the latest earnings phenomenon to hit the suburbs in a long time.


"The home computer has put the currency exchange market in everyone's front room," says Wyemann - "and it seems that the female psyche may be more suited to it than the male".


"Over the last two years, the number of ladies signing up for home courses has doubled, and there's no doubt that most of them take to Forex like a duck to water," he says. A home trader himself, Wyemann runs four-week long, online training classes for beginners, who then go on to trade from home.


Wyemann goes so far as to say that he finds it more fun and much more rewarding to deal with female trainees and puts this down to several factors.


1. It's rare to find a woman with ego problems - heaven for a trainer.


2. Women seem to have natural patience - men just don't have any.


3. Most men are gamblers at heart - women are steadier, don't like to gamble and rarely knee-jerk. Not at all like most men.


4. Most important of all - it seems that women WANT to learn ALL about each aspect of a subject. Men tend to get half way through and want to take off on their own to TRY IT - long before they're ready.

It's no wonder then that more women are tasting success and opening up completely new vistas of earnings potential, without ever having to commute, work for a boss, or ever feel that they may be neglecting the children.


Sharon, from British Columbia, is one such example of this rising force in Forex. She came across Forex on a forum. "No one could have been greener than I was," she says. "I didn't even know enough about computers to pay for the course without help. I was really nervous before I started the classes and had several 'second thoughts'. I am really glad I went through with it. After a lot of labor-intensive jobs this has been so easy. I finished the training course in October 2006 and started live trading in January 2007. I've never been 'in the red'. I've decided to stop taking any income after January 2008 and actively compound my account because I want to buy my own place. I haven't owned anything in the last 15 years and I retire in a year-and-a-half; I plan to be in my own place by then. Retirement looks like being the best years of my life."


Wyemann is quick to point out that there's no sexism, racism, ageism or any other kind of 'ism' in working from home with Forex - it's there for everyone with a computer.


Forex from home is catching on with the fairer sex by the minute and many, like Sid Wyemann, predict that over the next decade women will be responsible for over 50% of the Forex from home revolution.


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