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Hi Looks good your Gold EA. :-)


HFT Profit Scalper

Hi , what is the difference of this and fx sniper?


Trading the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin,Etherium, Litecoin etc....

A time of great change is also a time of great opportunity.


Bitcoin (BTC) analysis thread

Not sure history will do it again. dont see the hype behind bitcoin on the rally side at the moment. to many people looking to get in at a lower price. great read tho


Show your profitable account here.


Best Broker

I can also vouch for FP Markets. I think it is not about finding the best broker, but it is about looking for the broker that suits your account and expectations very well. I always gave priority to keeping my account safe while focusing on the long-term trading. I currently have accounts with XTB, ...


Anthony Wins

[quote]Clandes posted: Results like this or even better are possible to achieve. Here are similar results but on ASIC regulated broker:[/quote] You are using a custom date, if we analyze full performance your gain is -92% and the results a...



Not as big as Ava’s an IG’s of the industry (actually much-much smaller) the broker offers very lucrative pricing, bonus on deposits (they do expect you to fail, as any broker) and very tight support. Never liked overpaying for the superficial benefits, land-fx seems to be on the page with me on th...


Can you leave Forex Trading?

[quote]Dictiony posted: I think it is very difficult for a trader to leave Forex trading because there is always hope to make a profit. Although Forex is hard todo I would not want to leave it because I am here to make a profit. Forex can be risky if you want to be quick rick with it so always try t...


Happy Trade (Winnar, Free Copy)

(Free Copy-Trade) Take profit 1000 usd for 1 month. This system 'Happy Trade' to collect all the profits in all cycles of graph and recovery fault trades. The final results are profit. Please follow our system will collect the profit for everyday. In June we take profit 1000 USD Thank you for watchi...