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losses and fear.

I agree, one needs to overcome the fear of losing while trading and the best way to do that is to invest as much as you can afford to loose.


How fx manager get investors?

Simple trade well. That will do the trick.


Smart Forex Expert Signal (High Risk)

[quote]SFETrading posted: .... the annual gain will be well over 100-200%). [smiley][/quote] Surfing down a slope of hope.


WHO trades forex for more than 10 years and keeps making regular profits

12 years but from one bank or institutions to another, I don't accept contract more than a year and i always like the clause that allows me freedom to trade do third parties, although I'm not allow to display statements and that will lead to contract termination and breach of trust with heavy fines....


Expert Advisor...good for beginners?

[quote]EbonyJones posted: If you are new in this market you have to be careful when you are going to choose a broker for you. There are so many fake brokers. So research the market properly and select the best broker for you to trade and make money from this market consistently.[/quote] I think he i...


Newcomers and their greediness

If you want to be greedy, do it in a professional one, that is you risk just 1 percent of your accountand aim for 10 percent in return, now that is called controlled risk as you will only lose 1 percent If trades goes against you. I sometimes risk 2 percentand aim for 6 percent on a trending market....


losses and fear.

the extreme fear of loss is bad but it's makes you to pay attention on your trading as well. focus on the positives it will help you grow.



This EA is done. Test with another broker.



Waiting for buy on EURO/USD to kick in and i plan to close for today all trades by U.S. open.


Why day trading is better than long-term (Opinion )

[quote]DoraWalletInvest posted: I see your point. Day trading can absolutely bring more profit on the long run and it is enticing. However like you said it requires different skills and personalities and I guess it also depends on the goals of the trader, whether one wants to make a living or just t...